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Skaiv: Theo Alexander (UK) + Dear Emily

- Musik, lördag 18/11-2017, kl. 19

Skaiv: Theo Alexander (UK) + Dear Emily
Vårdklockans kyrka 18/11, kl.19:00
Entré 100 kr (kontanter eller swish)
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Theo Alexander

Theo Alexander is a composer and pianist from London, currently based in Prague. Since late last year he has been working with contemporary classical label 1631 Recordings, on which he released The Black Bunny and Waiting For You to Die. His most recent work, Points of Decay was released by London based Blank Editions. Both recordings show an acute sensitivity to texture and an obsession with tone quality that has won praise from critics.

With the piano at the center of his works, Theo uses tape loops and unconventional recording methods to push the borders of the current classical revival.
Press Quotes "[Disappearing Altogether] is anchored by an ostinato mid-range note pattern but not dominated by it – there’s a murky sense of change and uncertainty that course through the piece as the sections change. There’s a touch of John Luther Adams’ emotive clouds at the back half of the piece as well, making this a diverse, intriguing piece over the two and a half minutes of the work." Independent Clauses
"That Alexander can balance a percussive instinct with, as the piece proceeds, a penchant for melodic flourishing is very much to his credit." Disquiet



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