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Beaches, foto Björn Pettersson
There's many beaches on Gotland, in fact many people from the main land (Sweden) take their vacation on Gotland just because of the beaches and the possibility to take a bath almost wherever they are on Gotland.

The best tips a can get you is to go to the east side of Gotland, choose Ljugarn or Herta, that's nice beaches.

However, if you like to take a bath together wit a lot of people, then you should go to Tofta on the west side or Sudersand in the north part of Gotland.

The beaches that we show pictures in and give a little information about is not all of the beaches of Gotland. There's at least fity good beaches, allmost whereever one goes there's a beach close by.

Bring your swimsuit!
/text Bernt Enderborg, foto Björn Pettersson

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