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Is cultivated meat the future of food? | Uma Valeti

The way we raise animals is destructive to humans, animals and the environment, says cardiologist and entrepreneur Uma Valeti. He presents a solution that doesn't require you to give up your favorite protein-packed meals: cultivated meat, grown directly from animal cells. Reportedly some of the "most chicken-y chicken" you'll taste, Valeti envisions how such cultivated meat could save billions of animal lives, improve human health and help protect our planet.... läs mer »

To love is to be brave | Kelly Corrigan

Family life often requires extraordinary bravery, from navigating the daily challenges to surviving the unexpected crises. Author and podcaster Kelly Corrigan offers profound wisdom (and seven key words) to help you focus in on what matters most.... läs mer »

Leadership lessons from the prime minister of Canada | Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has served as the prime minister of Canada since 2015. There's a lot to dig into from his years in office — and from his life before, as well. He sits down with organizational psychologist Adam Grant to discuss lessons learned about leadership and how he navigated early struggles with impostor syndrome. He also shares his approach to maintaining motivation in the face of disapproval and criticism, how he encourages people to speak truth to power, why he considered quitting and what keeps him awake at night. (This interview was recorded for the "ReThinking with Adam Grant" podcast.)... läs mer »

How to spot authoritarianism — and choose democracy | Ian Bassin

Democracy is about having choices — and authoritarianism is about not having them, says lawyer and writer Ian Bassin. Detailing the seven steps of the authoritarian playbook, he invites us all to put aside our differences and rethink our role in the fight for freedom, revealing the hope and power behind every choice we make.... läs mer »

A master chef's take on food, culture and community | Marcus Samuelsson

The secret magic of good food is that it brings people and cultures closer together. Chef Marcus Samuelsson taps into that magic at his acclaimed restaurants and through his cross-cultural approach to cooking. In conversation with art curator Thelma Golden, he expands on the rich fusion of modern Black cuisine and how each bite is a celebration of the diverse, creative and joyful power of food. (Visit ted.com/membership to support TED today and join more exclusive events like this one.)... läs mer »

"Ye Pariye Naz" / "Simorgh" / "Darya" | Niaz Nawab

Singer-songwriter Niaz Nawab performs three songs, weaving stanzas from Persian poetry and philosophy into the latter two.... läs mer »

Why you should talk about your anxiety at work | Adam Whybrew

We can't get rid of anxiety and depression, so we might as well talk about it, says depression truth-teller Adam Whybrew. Sharing his own experience with mental illness, he reveals the surprising benefits of opening up about stress at work — and why being vulnerable creates a safe space for everyone.... läs mer »

Why AI needs a "nutrition label" | Kasia Chmielinski

What do sandwiches have to do with AI? Data reformist Kasia Chmielinski helps us think about artificial intelligence with a useful food metaphor — and breaks down why AI systems should have "nutrition labels" to ensure the development of fairer, more transparent algorithms.... läs mer »

Entertainment is getting an AI upgrade | Kylan Gibbs

AI has the power to bring your favorite fictional characters to life, says technologist Kylan Gibbs. Introducing Caleb, an "AI agent" with personality and internal reasoning, he demonstrates how AI-powered characters can interact with people in novel ways, generate unique video game outcomes and augment our ability to tell stories, opening up new worlds of possibility.... läs mer »

Even healthy couples fight — the difference is how | Julie and John Gottman

Can conflict actually bring you and your partner closer? It depends on how you fight, say Julie and John Gottman, the world's leading relationship scientists. They share why the way couples fight can predict the future of their relationships — and show how anybody can transform conflict into an opportunity for deeper connection and understanding.... läs mer »

What DEI gets wrong — and how to do it right | Paolo Gaudiano

Social entrepreneur Paolo Gaudiano explains why many companies are taking the wrong approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives — by overly focusing on one thing. To avoid backlash and costly turnover, he shows the key change leaders can make to create thriving, equitable workplaces while also increasing profits.... läs mer »

Why broken hearts hurt — and what heals them | Yoram Yovell

What's the relationship between physical and mental pain, and how can you ease both? Revealing how your experiences of love, loss and pain are deeply intertwined, neuroscientist Yoram Yovell sheds light on the surprising role of your brain's endorphins and opioid receptors to ease physical and emotional suffering — and shows how this connection could pave the way to new treatments for mental health and well-being.... läs mer »

How to use venture capital for good | Freada Kapor Klein

Freada Kapor Klein isn't your typical venture capitalist. She's thrown out the standard investment playbook in order to close the opportunity gap for low-income communities. She explains how her firm is investing in entrepreneurs and startups solving real-world problems — and the measurable difference it's already making.... läs mer »

A snack's journey from the farm to your mouth | Aruna Rangachar Pohl

How does a biscuit make it from the farm to your plate? Sustainable development leader Aruna Rangachar Pohl unpacks the long journey of one of India's most beloved snacks, revealing how the current industrial farming model is eating the planet. Learn about the foundation she started to promote eco-friendly agricultural practices — and hear the success stories of small-scale farmers adopting natural practices to cook up a tasty, healthy and climate-resilient future for everyone.... läs mer »

Your right to repair AI systems | Rumman Chowdhury

For AI to achieve its full potential, non-experts need to contribute to its development, says Rumman Chowdhury, CEO and cofounder of Humane Intelligence. She shares how the right-to-repair movement of consumer electronics provides a promising model for a path forward, with ways for everyone to report issues, patch updates or even retrain AI technologies.... läs mer »

The difference between false empathy and true support | Chezare A. Warren

There's a right way and wrong way to do empathy, says author and scholar Chezare A. Warren. So how do we get it right? He unpacks the source of false empathy and explains the key shift in perspective we need to build healthy relationships and truly support others.... läs mer »

12 predictions for the future of technology | Vinod Khosla

Techno-optimist Vinod Khosla believes in the world-changing power of "foolish ideas." He offers 12 bold predictions for the future of technology — from preventative medicine to car-free cities to planes that get us from New York to London in 90 minutes — and shows why a world of abundance awaits.... läs mer »